Machining Automation

         The Machining Automation Division is able to provide services such as automated loading and unloading systems for machine tools, as well as workpiece conveying systems suitable for machining environments and flexible manufacturing systems.
We provide tailor-made machining system solutions to our customers. From a production cell, to a machining production line, to the overall automation of the machining shop, we select the appropriate configuration according to the customer's needs, workpieces, processes, schedules, machine types, and other conditions to achieve a satisfactory product output effect.
Through continuous experience accumulation, the machining division has also developed a series of products suitable for the machining environment, including truss manipulator modular system, robot track, gripping jaws, FMS flexible line conveying line, silo, etc.

         Our team has rich experience in the industry of complete lines, providing highly intelligent overall planning and turnkey projects for manufacturers of automotive engines, transmissions, motor housings for new energy vehicles and related components. We also provide a series of intelligent turnkey projects such as whole-line process planning, machine tool selection, fixture design and manufacturing, overall automation implementation, and overall informationization implementation.