Celebrate the fifth anniversary of Hengke and be grateful for your journey together; Through five years of wind and rain, we will unite and showcase our future.

Hengke bravely climbed the top of Huishan, and the team traveled between the steps. The ship of mutual assistance and friendship, the mountain of the future created by all hearts. Those who persist can achieve success!


Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: China entered the advanced ranks of global intelligent manufacturing standard system construction

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a press conference at the State Council Information Office to introduce the development of intelligent manufacturing in China during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan".


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document to promote the intelligent manufacturing of ship assembly and the development of key ship standards

March 16, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology official website officially released the "2021 industrial and information technology standards work points" (referred to as work points). Work points put forward, vigorously promote the ship assembly intelligent manufacturing, intelligent ships, liquefied gas ships and other standards development; around product safety, ecological and environmental safety, network and data security, the safety of ships and other compulsory national standard system construction guidelines for industry and information technology; actively promote intelligent ships and other areas of the standard system construction guidelines.


China's first high-end intelligent manufacturing base for offshore oil and gas equipment construction revealed

Binhai New Area is located in the eastern coastal area of Tianjin, the center of the Bohai Sea economic circle, the geographical position is superior, the natural environment of the confluence of the river and the sea has nurtured a brilliant coastal culture. This series of special features will take you to explore the history and forest, we will carefully sort out from the long history and modern industrial development process, select the "most" of Binhai in the city, the country and even the world in various fields to be proud of, in-depth exploration of Binhai New Area in various periods, typical examples of various fields, the history and culture scattered in various parts of Binhai City The "pearls" are strung together into a dazzling "necklace".


Chery Jaguar Land Rover uses RFID to improve production line assembly efficiency, leveraging smart manufacturing for a strong start

The year 2020 is the tenth year of Jaguar Land Rover's entry into the Chinese market, a year of extraordinary significance for Chery Jaguar Land Rover, which has maintained the stability of the overall situation under the Black Swan event. 2021 January-February, Chery Jaguar Land Rover completed a new record of 114% sales growth compared to the same period last year, an outstanding market performance that reveals the superb strength behind the brand.


Lenovo and Fanuc open a new era of industrial robots!

If it is said that the key to the realization of the industrial Internet lies in the manufacturing industry, then the robot, which is known as "the crown jewel of manufacturing", is the core, most complex and most extensive core equipment to support the development of intelligent manufacturing.


Wisdom to make a difference, China Everything Smart Conference to explore the new growth point of industry

For the new era of Industrial Internet of Things, in order to better help the industry to sort out the development pulse and judge the future trend, the 2022 China IoT Conference (Industrial Internet of Things Theme - Shenzhen Station) hosted by Jiji Fang - IoT Think Tank was held together with ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition on August 17 in Shenzhen at the same time and in the same place.


The "old" problems and "new" tricks of industrial Internet

Therefore, starting from equipment data collection, through the network and edge computing, industrial Internet platform, software and application, industrial security and other industrial segments, manufacturers have actively built a series of replicable benchmark cases, with the goal of achieving the long-term goal of "from point to surface" for the industrial Internet.


Addressing the three major smart pain points, Toodle Smart releases three plans to accelerate the "ecological flywheel" of smart manufacturing abroad

On June 25, Zhejiang Smart Industry Matchmaking Meeting and Cross-border E-Commerce Selection Conference was successfully held in Yiwu. At the conference, the world's leading IoT cloud platform Turow Intelligence (NYSE: TUYA) officially released the "Core Replacement Plan", "Super Factory Plan" and "Grand Voyage Plan", aiming to To accelerate the rotation of the "ecological flywheel", starting from the three key aspects of the chip, manufacturing and sales channels, empowering 100 factories to complete the "super factory" landing, helping 10,000 smart devices to go abroad, and helping Chinese enterprises to sail overseas.


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